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Dr. Francis Essien
D.O., Captain

Dr. of Bariatric Surgeon (Weight Specialist) & Dr. of Osteopathy (Natural Healing): Led by a dual-specialized expert possessing unparalleled surgical and osteopathic expertise, Dr. Essien accompany you on every step of your journey.

Dr. Robert Shapiro

4-Decades in Emergency Medicine and holds a board certification in Family Medicine. At MMRX, his approach to care revolves around an understanding of the whole patient, demonstrating a deep commitment to holistic healthcare.

Dr. Ivan Goldsmith, MD
Family Physician

with 3-decades in Bariatrics, Anti-aging, and Functional Medicine, and Internal Medicine fields. He particularly focuses on weight control, aiming to design and put into operation practical and scalable solutions to tackle the obesity crisis.

Dr. Ruth Dana
Neuropathic Doctor

Naturopathic (holistic, natural approach to medicine): Dive into a thrilling fusion of nature and science, where our seasoned naturopath ensures the weight loss medication aligns beautifully with nature's bounty. It's a transformative experience that feels as good as it works.

Dr. Richard Park, M.D.
Board Certified - Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine (preventive medicine): With the profound wisdom of our internal medicine specialist, discover a weight loss path that cares for your complete well-being. It's not just about shedding weight; it's about unveiling a brighter, healthier you.

Excellent service! Dr Ruth is very knowledgeable of all Hormones and Peptides. Walked me through every step of the way. Not only helped me lose 15lbs but also showed me how to keep it off. Semaglutide gave me the boost to change my eating habits.. I recommended MMRX and Dr Ruth to all my Family.. Thank You guys!!!

Great service. Doctor answered all my questions. Reached my goal weight quickly. Staff is helpful, friendly and easy to get a hold of. Would recommend to anyone.

I've noticed my clothes are more loose fitting than a 9-pound weight loss would normally warrant. Everyone is different - and people tend to post complaints more than praises... so don't get too stressed assuming you'll have side effects. Most people don't. I'm glad I'm on this journey.

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